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Author Topic: A change in tempo!  (Read 541 times)
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« on: June 14, 2017, 01:47:03 am »

Gees, time flies!
Hope you are all Well!
Well, since I was last here, a lot has happened in my music world!
Since I don't actually perform, and only go around to the karaoke bar down the road once in a blue Moon, I wasn't sure if you would class this as a performance, which it was for me  - the climaxing birth of a song 'down' in a published poetry book I've written!
I was so chuffed when I surprised myself with waking up after 'the time' to be able to tell myself I was not only a songwriter, but now also an author!  (What I'm authorized to do is yet another challenge, but only to be taken after a long break!)
So, if you're interested, please look me/us up.
The collaboration is between myself and Graeme Robertson.  We are a duo called TRONADA.  Graeme goes by the name VORTEXIA on soundcloud and others.
The song is called DUST.
I'd most certainly love feedback, especially for Graeme, who took only my weak accoustic guitar effort and my hoarsey vocals and created a brill song!  Even my Hubby doesn't mind it!   Roll Eyes
Graeme's bass and guitar work, along with his amazing backing, strings - well, the whole production he did, is awesome to me, as I struggle here in my home country with no proper studio, and Graeme, in England, has the 'goods'!
Then, on top of it all, I had the golden opportunity to hear that Amazon/Kindle published authors FOR FREE, and, although I'd tried many times before to publish myself, I gave it a bash, and WOW!  Yes, the red tape around books now, too, has been slackened!
So, all in all, since the first time the COMPUTER entered into my life, I now can say that if it wasn't for the net/WWW, I wouldn't have come this far!
I'm chuffed!  I just wanted to share with the Music Community!
All the very best to Y'All!
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