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Author Topic: NGD Japanese Aria Diamond 1202T 1967/68 Hollow-body Electric  (Read 5973 times)
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Wow, an Aria Diamond exactly like that one was my very first elec guitar, got it around 1974 from a pawn shop in Cape Town, R80 if I recall. I loved the 335 shape but it's a hollow body with a bolt-on neck so the sustain wasn't too good. I also remember the neck being a bit narrow and the frets a bit low, so I struggled to play it. I got rid of it after a year when I got a Fender strat. It didn't end there though - I then got a strat-shaped, Aria-built early 70s Epiphone with the same pickups as the Diamond (this Epi is the model Kurt Cobain famously played in the early days of Nirvana), which I loved the sound of. Then about 10 years later I got the 12-string version of your Aria Diamond - same shape and pickups, hollow body and bolt-on neck, but with a tremendous amount of mother-of-toilet-seat plastic on the enormous headstock. This has become one of my fave guitars and features on tons of recordings. I much prefer it to my old Fender hockeystick elec 12, which I could never get to stay in tune and which I eventually got rid of. Your Diamond is likely to sound sweet with some mild distortion (like from a tube screamer with the drive on 3 or 4) to improve the sustain, and if you're anywhere near your amp you should be able to get some easily controllable feedback. have fun
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